In August 2006, Ossian Studios released its first game: Darkness over Daggerford. Originally slated to be a an official Neverwinter Nights Premium Mod released by BioWare, it was cancelled when the premium mod program was unexpectedly shut down a few months earlier in May. The Daggerford team pressed ahead anyhow, finishing the module and releasing it for free, taking the Neverwinter community by complete surprise. The game promptly broke download records on the NWVault, won several awards for its outstanding quality, and praise from thousands of fans.

Almost 12 years later, on June 1, 2018, Ossian finally finished what it had originally set out to do: complete Darkness over Daggerford as it had been envisioned. Released by Beamdog as an official premium module for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition, the game has been remastered with new music, new portrait art, lots of VO, and most importantly almost 500 fixes, improvements, and some complete overhauls based on all the feedback and critiques players had posted over the years. This level of care and polish was added over the course of many months, with the ultimate goal of giving players the best possible gameplay experience. We hope you enjoy playing it!
- Alan Miranda

Darkness over Daggerford Enhanced
Developed by Ossian Studios, this new enhanced version of Darkness over Daggerford updates the award-winning former premium module with a host of gameplay improvements, new music, voice over, and portrait art.

The Duke of Daggerford has been mysteriously killed, a new power has taken over the town, bandits rove the Trade Way unhindered, and mysterious things stir in a fabled ancient citadel, yet all is not as it seems.? A darkness is fast descending upon this sleepy town near Waterdeep - will you be able to stand against it?

Explore the walled town of Daggerford and recruit up to two daring companions to join you as you venture into the surrounding region of the Sword Coast to unlock dangerous secrets, combat hidden foes, and find a stronghold to call home. Lock blades with some of the most powerful and infamous organizations the world of Faer?n has ever known in this grand, 25+ hour Dungeons & Dragons module.?


  • An expansion-size adventure with 25+ hours of gameplay
  • Use the world map to venture across fifteen areas along the Sword Coast, each brimming with unique adventures.
  • Establish and customize your stronghold to discover new quests
  • 12 new music tracks
  • 12 new character portraits
  • New voice over for main characters
  • Nearly 500 gameplay improvements over the original! Read the Change Log for details.

The original Darkness over Daggerford development team included some of the most talented members of the NWN community: Kevin Smith (aka codepoetz), Luspr, Brian Watson (aka MadWombat), Alan Tarrant (aka Lord Alex), Anya Clancy (aka Lady Oonagh), and Brian Dunn (aka BrotherRoth). The enhanced team added two additional former NWN modders and longtime Ossian team members: Rich Barker and Raphael Faccioli.

Buying the enhanced edition of Darkness over Daggerford helps to support Ossian Studios’ goal of bringing you more great Dungeons & Dragons adventures!

The game has been updated to v2.01 on October 12, 2018. See change log for details.

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Independent Games Festival
2007 Best RPG Mod Award
IGF 2007 Winner

NWVault 2006 Gold Award NWVault 2006 Gold Award

NWVault Reviewer's Award NWVault Reviewer's Award

NWVault Hall of Fame Award NWVault Hall of Fame Award

Reviews and Audience Response

GamerDad ?? 4.5/5 Stars
"Daggerford is more than just my favorite NWN module to date, it is my favorite role-playing game of 2006 thus far." ... "It is perhaps ironic that my favorite of the Premium Modules is the one that was cancelled and released for free. That aside, this is just a tremendous game - and I can't think of it as anything but a 'game'. It has as much content as either of the NWN expansion packs, and is larger and more interesting than many full-priced role-playing games being released."

Neverwinter Vault ?? 8.5/10, Reviewer's Award
"As a whole, Daggerford offers a wonderful gaming experience that should rank it among the most impressive, not to mention ambitious modules released this year, if not in the history of Neverwinter Nights."

Computer Games Magazine (Nov. 2006 issue)
"Many Neverwinter Nights conventions have been turned on their Elven ears here, courtesy of an expansive new world map that gives the module a spacious feel and extensive dialogue that makes the game play like a lost chapter in the Baldur's Gate series."

Fan Responses

"One of the best NWN modules I've ever played. Great tilesets, awesome world map, engrossing story line. This is what a NWN expansion should look and play like. Looking forward to seeing what Ossian Studios puts out next! Two thumbs up!"

"Exceptional balance of story line and combat. Much less driven by gamey gimmicks than is average, even for professional titles. It was very fun. You guys managed to direct me in such a way I never had to wonder where to go next, but I also never felt like I was trapped on too linear a path, something I don't see many developers capable of doing with story-driven RPGs these days. It's also exciting to see this much innovation in a free module, knit so neatly together. I forgot that I was playing NWN."

"This is the module that every modder has ever wanted to make, but didn't. AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! Three thumbs up! I give it six stars out of five. Ossian Studios? Inc. has raised the bar. And every other cliché that says how great something is applies as well. Of course, this translates into hard news for modders. Henceforth, this shall be the standard by which all other mods are measured."

"Darkness over Daggerford is by far the best mod I have ever played, better even than the campaign modules; something I had never expected to see. I loved every minute of this mod. Except the credits. I was crying."


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