MoW Sale!
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 15:43

Just in time for the holiday season, Ossian’s Mysteries of Westgate is now on sale at 50% off at the Atari online store, priced at only $4.99! For 15-20 hours of excellent D&D role-playing adventure set in the infamous city of Westgate, it’s an absolute bargain. So what are you waiting for?

1UP RPG Roundtable
Friday, 06 November 2009 14:45

To coincide with Dragon Age’s release, 1UP has posted a roundtable entitled The Future of Single-Player RPGs, which has Alan Miranda, Bill Roper (Diablo), Feargus Urquhart (NWN2), and Marcin Iwinski (The Witcher) discussing the state of big-budget single player RPGs, how they’ve changed over time, and what the future holds.

MoW Level Cap Removed for Power Players
Thursday, 29 October 2009 16:12

Ossian has released an executable to remove the level 20 cap in Mysteries of Westgate and raise it to level 30. Since MoW was developed before Mask of the Betrayer increased the level cap to 30, it retained the older level cap of 20 from the original game. We wanted to oblige the requests from the "power players" out there who want to play with their epic level characters. However, to appreciate the ideal and balanced gameplay experience intended by Ossian, we strongly recommend that most players not use it and start with the expected level 8 character instead. Power players can download the Level Cap Removal executable from the MoW Downloads section, at the bottom of that page.

Just RPG Review and Metacritic Score
Thursday, 20 August 2009 17:37

Just RPG has released their review of Mysteries of Westgate and gave it a 90%! With this latest review, MoW’s score on Metacritic is now 73%, with a 90% average user score.

Bitmob Interview and MoW Reviews
Sunday, 09 August 2009 16:06

Bitmob, which is a new game site set up by several ex-EGM and 1UP folks, has posted an interview with Alan Miranda, talking about Ossian Studios, MoW, and DoD. You can read it all here.

Also in the news, here are a few additional reviews for Mysteries of Westgate.

GamersGlobal (Germany) - 80%
"The city seems much more lively and different than Neverwinter of the original game. Instead of losing itself in the far reaches of Faer?n, the game is focused on a few locations, which makes them even more detailed and intense. The sidequests are designed with the same effort and love for detail as the main plot."

Level Magazine (Czech Republic, July 2009) - 80%
"Perfect ratio of fight and talk makes this new Neverwinter add-on a must have for all RPG fans. Seek no innovations here, Westgate offers nothing but believable living worlds, free of all fantasy clichés."

CD-Action (Poland) - 70%
"Finishing the addon takes almost 15 hours, and then you can play it again choosing the other side. This is a very nice trick, as you can learn the whole story only after playing the game twice - 30 hours gameplay in total."

GameSpot GameFAQs - 70%
"At $10, this is an addon that no RPG fan should miss. There are some new music tracks in the game, all of which are outstanding. Really, there are a ton of sidequests here, none of which should be overlooked. Most quests have multiple solutions. If you're the type that enjoys replaying lengthy RPGs to see different solutions/outcomes for quests, you'll enjoy this feature."

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