Ossian Studios Steps onto the RPG Stage
Tuesday, 15 August 2006 16:00
Ossian Studios has released its Neverwinter Nights? game, Darkness over Daggerford, to the Neverwinter Vault, and the NWN community's reaction has been beyond our expectations! We knew that we wanted to make the biggest and best BioWare Premium Module ever, and aside from the fact that BioWare cancelled the premium mod program, we feel we did just that.

We are very happy that so many people are getting this much enjoyment from the game, and it makes the development of Daggerford over the last year feel totally worthwhile. To all our new fans, from all of us here at Ossian, THANK YOU!

Download Darkness over Daggerford from the Neverwinter Vault and play the game for free!

Also check out the great articles about Ossian Studios and Darkness over Daggerford on BioWare's website and on the Neverwinter Vault.

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