Enter a world that has felt an alien touch upon its sun. An ever-increasing shadow that creeps across the sun’s brilliant face, with consequences that are only now becoming horrifically apparent. The city of Shar, once capital of a mighty empire that covered the continent, still remains the most powerful of the city-states of the ancient South. With its huge defensive stone walls that have withstood attacks for over a thousand years, its lofty towers and elaborately-constructed domes capped in gold, and massive ziggurat temple at its center upon which godly sacrifices are performed, the metropolis stands as an oasis amidst the hot desert of the Singing Sands. Yet all is not well in the Golden City, for a plague has come to Shar. A plague so deadly the Sharians name it Aya’s Wrath - a curse from their god.

The Shadow Sun is a dark, heroic fantasy RPG that combines the classic adventure of Dungeons & Dragons, the fear of otherworldly horrors of H.P. Lovecraft, and the grim sword and sorcery of Conan the Barbarian. Rendered in full 3D graphics using the Unity engine, the game offers a deep, single-player role-playing experience with a gripping story, important player choices, dynamic NPC dialogues, and multiple ways of solving quests. Do battle against the strange creatures native to Shar and unspeakable horrors not of this world in real-time, visceral combat like The Witcher 2, using a dozen different weapon types, special melee attacks, powerful magical spells, and deadly traps.

Designed and developed by Ossian Studios as an original game for the mobile platform, The Shadow Sun brings together everything the team has learned from working on the triple-A RPG franchises of Neverwinter Nights and The Witcher, with the ultimate goal of creating a top-quality PC/console RPG experience on iOS and Android.


  • A premium, full 3D Western RPG with a story filled with complex characters, intrigue, danger, and shocking surprises.
  • A 10-hour adventure where you delve into the decadent imperial city of Shar and the exotic desert lands around it, as the Golden City languishes in the grip of a plague and simmers in defiance against the kingdoms of the North.
  • Gorgeous graphics using the Unity engine, including normal/specular mapping and dynamic lighting on the characters, as well as anti-aliasing and bloom.
  • Create your own male or female character and customize them with different appearances and over a dozen types of armour.
  • Choose from among 30 skills to suit your play style and grow those abilities exactly how you want as the game progresses.
  • Ally with one of four companions to adventure alongside you, each with their own personality, abilities, and romance options, and gain their approval or disapproval on your actions.
  • Adopt a faithful dog companion to fight by your side.
  • A useful journal and detailed codex help you keep track of quests and the people, places, and things you encounter.
  • Explore over 70 finely crafted areas and uncover 200+ unique items, hidden secrets, and ancient treasures.
  • A striking and compelling orchestral music score by long-time Ossian composer, David John.
  • Includes Apple Game Center support.
  • A universal app for iPhone (3GS and up), iPod touch (3rd gen and up), and iPad (1st gen and up), with Retina display support. Graphics will scale with device.


Slide To Play - 4/4
The Shadow Sun is one of the most captivating experiences I’ve had with a role-playing game in quite some time. The story, characters, and the world around you are all so vibrant and alive that you can’t help but want more.

Digitally Downloaded - 4.5/5
The Shadow Sun floored me from start to finish.

Grab It Magazine - 4.5/5
Ossian Studios has created a world that feels like it has always been there, with its lore and world constructed with love. Add exciting combat and hours of quests, and The Shadow Sun is a genuine iOS RPG classic that could make a console jealous.

GamerHeadquarters - 90%
The Shadow Sun has a huge world with great 3D graphics, this creates an experience that all RPG lovers will want to get lost in.

Arcade Sushi - 8.5/10
This is a full-fledged RPG that you can take with you, just in case you want to escape to another world and become an epic badass. If you’re a fan of RPGs at all, then The Shadow Sun belongs in your Games folder.

Pocket Gamer - 8/10 (Silver Award)
A labour of love by and for gamers, The Shadow Sun replicates a tabletop RPG experience almost perfectly - right down to the carefully crafted fantasy world in which it's set.

Pocket Gamer (France) - 82% (Silver Award)
In the end, The Shadow Sun is an enjoyable experience.? The solo adventure is rather long and offers a beautiful diversity of sidequests, in addition to offering a well-done visual world.

TouchArcade - 4/5
With a compelling story, plenty of content, and a character customization system that works, Shadow Sun succeeds in its goal as a Western RPG.

Gear Diary (Scoreless)
The Shadow Sun has been a long time coming … but after playing it I am confident in saying it was worth the wait. If you are an RPG fan and have an iPad, you will not be wasting your money buying this game.

Touch, Tap, Play - 8/10
The Shadow Sun is an epic game that keeps you busy for hours, delights your senses with the great graphics and eventually leaves you wanting more.

App-s.ru - 4/5
The Shadow Sun is one of the few truly great RPGs for the iPhone, iPad and in the absence of competitors could easily sit next to Baldur's Gate.

Pocket Tactics - 4/5
The most striking thing out of all The Shadow Sun’s competent handiwork is the story.

Gamezebo - 4/5
A whole lot of RPG for your pocket.

AppSmile - 4/5
With its engaging story, multiple locales to explore, and its cast of interesting characters, RPG fans should find themselves quite engaged.

iPlayApps.de - 8/10
The Shadow Sun is a well-made RPG with only minor weaknesses.

Portable Gaming Region - 73%
The Shadow Sun is pretty much what I imagine a “real” Dragon Age mobile game should be.

iTouchandPlay.de (Scoreless)
If you like to go on an epic adventure with a touch of Skyrim, for the fraction of the price, you should look directly into The Shadow Sun.

RPG-site (Scoreless)
The Shadow Sun is an absolutely astoundingly beautiful RPG set in a desert kingdom of golden cities, sand and palm trees, with actual camels.

The Chatroom (Scoreless)
This game feels like a great game to end 2013 on and a stand-out RPG on iOS to stand right next to the likes of Ravensword and KOTOR.


Digitally Downloaded on the making of The Shadow Sun.

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PocketGamer.biz on The Shadow Sun’s long development time.

GameBanshee has an interview with Alan Miranda talking about The Shadow Sun, as well as a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Ossian’s unreleased Witcher expansion pack, Scars of Betrayal.


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